Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

$45.95 $29.95

$45.95 $29.95

You Save: $16.00 (34.82%)

Great for daytime or nighttime hunting!

Interactive toy for both kittens and older cats!

Most successful cat toys depend on the element of surprise, whether it’s a wand with a teaser at the end or a laser toy that bounces spontaneously off the wall.

These toys have a human behind them controlling the element of surprise. But the Ambush Interactive Cat Toy offers plenty of surprise to your cat without your cooperation, except to turn it on.

Isn’t this the kind of intensity you love to see in your cat?

It’s the same intensity that cats express when they’re hunting prey or teasing other cats. The bounce that follows is so natural, so instinctive, to cats.

The Ambush Interactive Cat Toy can keep your pet entertained. It has a feather that pops out from 6 entries at random to grab your pet’s attention.

It comes with anti-skid feet to stay in place on smooth surfaces. When the Ambush Interactive Cat Toy is turned on, your cat turns on too, with an intensity that the only surprise can bring to a cat.


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